Playlist 28 November

Artist. Piece. Composer. CD Title.  Date Released. Label

Philharmonia Orchestra. Serenade for String Orchestra in E minor Larghetto, Allegretto. Edward Elgar. Enigma, Cello Concerto, Serenade. 1990. Deutsche Grammophon

The Tippett Quartet. String Quartet No 1 in A Major. Sir Michael Tippett. String Quartets Vol 1. 2008. Naxos

Arlene Sierra. Butterflies Remember A Mountain. Arlene Sierra. Arlene Sierra Vol. 3. 2018. Bridge

Hsin-Yun Huang. Romances. Poul Ruders. Viola Viola. 2012. Bridge

Hsin-Yun Huang, American Modern Ensemble. Ground Swell: III. Thin Air. Steven Mackey. Viola. 2012. Bridge Records

Cicilia Yudha. Sonata No 3 Op 44. Robert Casadesus. Casadesus & Dutilleux: Selected Piano Works. 2016. Navona

Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra. Symphony of Light. Carson Cooman. In Beauty Walking. 2014. Diversions LLC

Sound Collective. The Coachman’s Terror. Lydia Kakabadse. Concertato. 2017. Divine Art

Sound Collective. Dance Sketches: I. Arabian Folk Dance. Lydia Kakabadse. Concertato. 2017. Divine Art

Ensemble Gelber Klang. Klaviertrio no 3. Jens Joneleit. Chamber Music of Jens Joneleit. 2002. Cybele

Michelle Makarski. Concert Duo for Violin and Piano. Yehudi Wyner. Cage/Harbison/Hartke/Wyner: Violin Works. 1991. New World Records

Maria Lettberg. Piano Sonata No. 7, Op. 64, “White Mass”. Alexander Scriabin. Scriabin: The Solo Piano Works. 2010. Capriccio


Playlist 21 November

Artist. Piece. Composer. CD title. Date. Label

Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra. Tabula Rasa. Arvö Part. Arvö Part Tabula Rasa. 1984. ECM

Kreutzer Quartet. String Quartet No 2. Roberto Gerhard. Roberto Gerhard String Quartets 1&2. 1999. Metier

The Janack Trio. Dancing in the Shadows of Brilliant Sunlight. Elliott Miles McKinley. Shadow Dancer. 2019. Navona

Michelle Makarski. Four Songs of Solitude. John Harbison. Cage/Harbison/Hartke/Wyner: Violin Works. 1991. New World Records

Christopher Taylor (piano). Dance Variations on a Theme by Persechetti. David Dies. Agevolmente. 2011. Albany

Leonidas Kavakos & BBC Symphony Orchestra. Violin Concerto I: Andante-Allegretto. Alban Berg. Berg/Schoenberg. 2001. BBC Music

Lydia Kakabadse. Recitavito Arioso + Variations. Lydia Kakabadse. Concertato. 2017. Divine Art

Trio Solis. Piano Trio No. 1. Piotr Szewczyk. Piotr Szewczyk: Bliss Point – Selected Chamber Works. 2017. Navona

Lara St. John. Nagilara. M. Herskowitz. Shiksa. 2015. Ancalagon LLC

Maria Lettberg. Piano Sonata No 10 pour piano Op 70. Alexander Scriabin. Scriabin: The Solo Piano Works. 2010. Capriccio

Ensemble Gelber Klang. String Quartet No 6. Jens Joneleit. Chamber Music of Jens Joneleit. 2002. Cybele

Playlist 14 November

Artist. Piece. Composer. CD title. Date. Label

Scott Kluksdahl. Lament. Richard Brodhead. Lines for Solo Cello. 1997. NWCRI

Duo Runya. Viola Sonata (1919). Rebecca Clarke. Rebecca Clarke Works for Viola. 2016. Aevea

Trio Casals. Totentanz (Version for Violin, Cello & Piano). Matthew Fuerst. Moto Quarto. 2019. Navona

Kronos Quartet. G-Song. Terry Riley. 25 Years. 2013. Nonesuch

Mary Lynch Vandervolk. Oboe d’amore Quintet. Christopher Tyler Nickel. Sonatas and Chamber Music for Oboe. 2022. Avie

Maria Lettberg. Piano Sonata No. 8 in pour piano Op 66. Alexander Scriabin. Scriabin: The Solo Piano Works. 2010. Capriccio

Richard Stoltzman & Mika Stoltzman. New Ciema Paradise Main Theme; Begin Sweet World. Morricone; B Douglas. Last Solo Album From My Life. 2022. Nippon Columbia

Wendy Warner, Mischa Zupko, Sang Mee Lee. Love Obsession. Mischa Zupko. Eclipse. 2016. Cedille

Hugo Wolff Quartett. Miniatures – String Quartet #1-6. Komitas (Soghomon Soghomanian). Komitas. 2015. Megadisc

Scott Pender. Suite for Woodwind Quintet. Scott Pender. Music for Woodwinds. 2017. Navona

Dov Scheindlin. Shadow Flow. Richard Carrick. Either/ Or. 2011. New World Records

Ani Aznavoorian & Lera Auerbach. Cello Sonata, Op. 69: I. Allegro moderato. Lera Auerbach. Celloquy. 2013. Cedille

Playlist 7 November

Artist. Piece. Composer. CD title. Date. Label

Maria Lettberg. Piano Sonata No. 6 in G major, Op. 62. Alexander Scriabin. Scriabin: The Solo Piano Works. 2010. Capriccio

Duo Gazzana. Sonate posthume for Violin & Piano, M. 12. Maurice Ravel. Ravel – Franck – Ligeti – Messiaen. 2018. ECM New Series

Fulkerson Haffner Orkis. Piano Trio No 1. Richard Wernick. Richard Wernick Vol 3. 2016. Bridge

Siruis Quartet. Out of Belgrade. Gregor Huebner. Colors of the East. 2015. Autentico Naxos

Philadelphia Orchestra & Ricardo Mutti. Symphony No 3 in C minor Op 44. Serge Prokofiev. Prokofiev Symphonies Nos 1 & 3. 1992. Philips

Lawrence Axelrod. 4 Postcards. Lawrence Axelrod. Axelrod: The Heart Revived. 2016. Innova

Axel Straus & Ilya Poletaev. Aubade, Hora Unirii. George Enescu. Enescu Complete Worls for Violin and Piano Vol 2. 2015. Naxos

Vittorio Giannini. Quintet for Piano and Strings. Virrotio Giannini. Chamber Music Manchester Music Festival. 2011. MSR Classics

Alexander String Quartet. Elegy. Cindy Cox. Patagón. 2015. Foghorn Classics

Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra & Petr Vronský. Meeting Places. Paula Diehl. Paradigms: New Sounds for the Modern Orchestra. 2012. Navona

Vicky Chow. Last Light. Jane Antonia Cornish. Jane Antonia Cornish: Sierra. 2022. Cantaloupe Music

Playlist 31 October

Artist. Piece. Composer. CD title. Date. Label

Swedish Radio Choir. Psalms of Repentance for Mixed Choir I-VI. Alfred Schnittke. Psalms of Repentance. 1999. ECM

The Juilliard String Quartet. String Quartet (1983). Donald Martino. Lehrdahl/Martino. 1987. CRI

Jascha Heifetz/Joseph De Pasquale/ Gregor Piatigorsky. Trio for violin, viola and cello in C major I & II. Jean Francaix. Heifetz-Piatigorsky Concerts. 1964. RCA

Paul Neubauer & Margo Garrett. Suite for Viola & Piano: I. Lento – Allegro. Ernest Bloch. Bloch: Music for Viola & Piano. 2018. Delos

Erin Keefe. Sonata for Solo Violin Op 31 No 1. Paul Hindemith. Erin Keefe Violinist. 2009. erinkeefeviolin

Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble. Blue Like an Orange. Michael Daugherty. Miller & Daugherty. 1989. Opus One

Dover Quartet. String Quartet #3, Op. 46. Viktor Ullmann. Voices of Defiance. 2017. Cedille

Smith Hayes Silverthorne Jenkinson. Serenade for String Trio Op 10. Erno Dohnanyi. Kodaly & Dohnanyi Chamber Works for Strings. 2017. Resonus

Laura Medisky & Vincent Fuh. Four Personalities for Oboe and Piano. Alyssa Morris. Laura Medisky: Personalities. 2011. Centaur

Jennifer Koh. Frises: I-III. Kaija Saariaho. Bach & Beyond, Pt. 2. 2015. Cedille

Concert Review: Janice Carissa, Salon Piano Series

Watching Janice Carissa perform October 8 at Salon Piano Series, it occurs to one that her home country, Indonesia, lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire. The 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora and the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa were among the largest in history.

Carissa, a diminutive musician of volcanic power, offered an ambitious program of Brahms and Prokofiev. Her performance awed the packed house with her Dionysian passion, shaped by the Apollonian rigors of her conservatory training.

Brahms composed his Sonata No. 3 in in f minor when he was 20 years old. Of epic length, it consists of five movements, rather than the traditional three or four. Along the way, Brahms quotes from Beethoven’s Symphony No 5 and the Pathetique, and from the finale of Felix Mendelssohn’s Piano Trio No. 2.

Carissa’s playing was appropriately dramatic. She attacked fortissimo passages viciously, arms raised high. When concentrating she leaned close to the keyboard, eyes wide, a portrait of fierce concentration. Suddenly, she tosses her head back, ponytail flying.

Prokofiev wrote his Sonata No. 8 in B-flat Major in 1944. Based in fiery Romanticism, the work at times embraces the 20th Century’s dismissal of a definite tonal center, but then resolves briefly to tonality, before dispersing again into vague harmonic territory. Its supersonic tempos and difficult phrases suggesting Czerny exercises run amok, while the slow meditative passages suggest the pastels of Debussy, or scattering autumn leaves in a breeze.


Playlist 24 October

Artist. Piece. Composer. CD Title. Date. Label

Mary Lynch VanderKolk. Sonata for Oboe d’amore. Christopher Tyler Nickel. Nickel: Sonatas and Chamber Music for Oboe and Oboe d’amore. 2022. AVIE Records

Jascha Heifetz & Gregor Piatagorsky. Suite Italienne. Igor Stravinsky. The Heiftez Piatigorsky Concerts. 1976. RCA

The Triple Helix Trio. Attitude Problems. David Rakowski. Hyper Blue. 1999. CRI

John Luther Adams. River with No Willows; One That Stays All Winter. John Luther Adams. Arctic Dreams. 2021. Cold Blue

David Dies. Reference (Collection). David Dies. Agevolmente. 2011. Albany

Dennis Smylie. Strata for Bass Clarinet. Donald Martino. Donald Martino Sollo and Chamber Works. 1995. CRI

Robert Fabbriciani & Jonathan Faralli. Two for Flute and Vibraphone. John Cage. John Cage Music for an Aquatic Ballet. 2012. Brilliant Classics

Paul Chihara. The Girl from Yerevan. Paul Chihara. Paul Chihara Vol 3. 2017. Bridge Records

Fry Street Quartet. Rising Tide: II. Bios. Laura Kaminsky. The Crossroads Project. 2016. Navona

Orchestra dell’ Academia Nazionale de Santa Cecilia. In the South. Edward Elgar. Elgar Symphony No 1, In the South. 2016. ICA Classics

Peter Sheppard Skaerved. Book VII. Paul Pellay. Thesaurus of Violinistic Fiendishness. 2012. Divine Art

Scott Pender. Kimchi Dreams. Scott Pender. Music for Woodwinds. 2017. Navona

Artur Rubinstein, Jascha Heifetz, Gregor Piatigorsky. Trio in A Minor I. Modere. Maurice Ravel. Mendelssohn Trio in D Minor, Ravel Trio in A Minor. 1951. RCA

Playlist 17 October

Artist. Piece. Composer. CD Title. Date. Label

Thomas Adès. Still Sorrowing, Op 7. Thomas Adès. Life Story etc.. 1997. EMI

Laura Medisky. Dialogues for oboe and piano. Ed Martin. Personalities: 21st Century American Music for Oboe. 2011. Centaur Records, Inc.

Donald Martino. Trio for violin, clarinet and piano. Donald Martino. Solo and Chamber Works. 1995. Composers Recordings Inc

Alban Berg Quartett. String Quartet No. 4 (Live at Vienna Konzerthaus, 1993). Erich Urbanner. Lutosławski: Streichquartett – Urbanner: Streichquartett No. 4 – Berio: Notturno. 1997. EMI Classics

London Philharmonic Orchestra. Sinfonietta: III. Pastiche. Barbara Harbach. Music of Barbara Harbach, Vol. 7: Music for Strings. 2011. MSR Classics

Yolanda Kondonassis. Fault Line. Stephen Hartke. Five Minutes for Earth. 2022. Azica Records

Stanley Grill. Les Fugitifs. Stanley Grill. And the Melody Stays Light. 2021. Gramola

Leonore Piano Trio. Piano Trio No 1, Op 34. David Matthews. Matthews: Piano Trios & Journeying Songs. 2017. Toccata Classics

Asasello-Quartett. String Quartet No 1 in d minor. I. Nicht zu rasch. Arnold Schonberg. Insights. 2016. Genuin

Santiago Rodriguez. Spanish Serenade. Isaac Albeniz. Ginastera Music for Piano. 1984. Elan

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir & Talinn Chamber Orchestra. Berliner Messe. Arvo Pärt. Te Deum. 1993. ECM

Quirine Viersen. Cello Suite No 2, Op 80. V. Ciaccona. Allegro. Benjamin Britten. Britten: Cello Suites. 2016. Globe

Angelo Xang Yu & Gloria Chen. Suite for violin & piano Op 6. Benjamin Britten. Creative Caitals Vol 1. 2018. Music @ Menlo

Lincoln Trio. city beautiful III. burnham. shawn e okpebholo. Trios from Contemporary Chicago. 2022. Cedille

Playlist 10 October

Artist. Piece. Composer. CD title. Date. Label

Itzhak Perlman & Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Concerto for Violin No2. Allegro moderato. Sergey Prokofiev. Mendelssohn – Prokofiev Violin Concertos. 1993. Erato

Danish String Quartet. Arcadiana. Thomas Ades. Ades – Norgard – Abrahamsen. 2016. ECM

Yehuda Yannay. 5 Pieces for Three Players. Yehuda Yannay. Hidden Melodies. 1999. American Composers Forum

Duo Praxedis. Trois Morceaux. Alla Marcia. Cesar Cui. Russian Souvenirs. 2015. Paladino

Sarah Cahill. 9 Preludes. Ruth Crawford. 9 Preludes; Crawford and Beyer. 2001. New Albion Records

Gidon Kremer & USSR State TV & Radio Symphony. Concerto for violin & orchestra. Kara Karayev. Plays 20th-Century Composers. 2011. Brilliant Classics

Avalon String Quartet. String Quartet No 4 Illuminations. I-V. Stacy Garrop. Illuminations. 2015. Cedille

Stanley Grill. Lieder ohne Worte. Stanley Grill. And the Melody Stays Light. 2021. Gramola

Arcord. Romanian Folk Dances. Bela Bartok. Inspired by Songs and Dances. 2016. Paladino

David Holzman. Palestinian Notebook. Stefan Wolpe. Music of Stefan Wolpe, Vol. 6. 2011. Bridge Records

Paul Hillier, Pro Arte Singers and Theatre of Voices. Kanon pokajanen: Ode IX. Arvo Pärt. Arvo Pärt: I Am the True Vine. 2006. harmonia mundi

Apollo Chamber Players. Thracian Airs of Besime Sultan. Erberk Eryilmaz. Blurred Boundaries. 2016. Navona

Leonore Piano Trio. Piano Trio No. 2, Op. 61: I. Allegro. David Matthews. Matthews: Piano Trios & Journeying Songs. 2017. Toccata Classics

Concert review: Niklas Sivelöv

For his September 18 Salon Piano Series concert, Swedish virtuoso Niklas Sivelöv strode out in long tails and gray ascot looking not a little like a clean-shaven Beethoven. As he sat at the vintage Mason & Hamlin 1906 model AA piano I appreciated that nod to sartorial tradition.

His concert of Bach, Beethoven, Schonberg, Scriabin, and his own compositions wove a musical thread that linked 400 years of musical styles. Each piece he played with physical passion, highlighting forceful movements by tapping his toes and heels, wincing, lunging, and raising his arms aloft.

The man is not lost in the past. He reads his music on an iPad controlled by a floor pedal, and incorporates Scriabin and Schonberg into his own compositions.

The concert program included Beethoven’s 6 Bagatelles, Op. 126, a demanding piece despite its name, with its dense harmonies and knotty rhythms, cross-hand playing, and several sustained trills that sprang airborne into flight.

Compared to that harmonic and rhythmic density, J. S. Bach’s Partita No. 2 in C minor, BWV 826 sounded translucent and sparse. But not cold, as Sivelov phrased some passages with Romantic hesitations. The left hand sometimes played counterpoint to the right, as in the two-part Inventions, then joined the right in close parallel passages.

The Partita set the mood for Arnold Schoenberg’s challenging dodecaphonic Suite for Piano, Op. 25, with its six movements reflecting a Baroque suite. Its dissonant clusters and staccato rhythms suggested at times a scatter of birds, racing chipmunks, sometimes human speech. The resulting tensions were resolved by way of lyrical passages, dynamic contrasts, and motivic development.