Playlist 15 August

Artist. Piece. Composer. CD title. Date. Label

Meredith Blecha-Wells & Sun Min Kim. Arabesques for Cello and Piano. Bohuslav Martinu. Small Storms. 2017. Navona

Zurich Ensemble. Five Melodies from A Thousand and One Nights. Sergei Bortkiewicz. Scheherazade. 2014. paladino music

Daedalus Quartet. Molto Adagio. George Perle. George Perle. 2013. Bridge

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Nocturnal. Edgar Varese. Varese The Complete Works. 1998. Decca

David Starobin. Genesis Variations. Edward Green. New Music with Guitar Vol 12. 2019. Bridge Records

Peter Greve. Sonata for Flute & Piano. Vivace. Peter Greve. Hans Bakker & Peter Greve. 2017. Navona

Elizabeth Hoffman. Barrissement d’Elephant. Elizabeth Hoffman. Modus Nodus Chamber Works. 2003. Albany

Quatuor Arod. String Quartet No. 2 in D Minor, Op. 15: Sehr mässig, Adagio (Quasi andante) -. Alexander Zemlinsky. The Mathilde Album. 2019. Warner Classics

Royal Philharmonia Orchestra. Symphony On G. Lou Harrison. Lou Harrison Carl Ruggles. 1995. CRI

Stacey Barelos. Rhythmicana. Henry Cowell. Henry Cowell Piano Music. 2011. Centaur

Thomas Demenga. Drei kleine Stucke & Zwei Stucke. Anton Webern. Chonguri. 2006. ECM

Gramercy Trio. Pian Trio No 1 Music for an Imaginary Film. Isak Roux. Fleeting Realms Vol 2 Chamber Works. 2021. Navona

Hugo Wolff Quartett. Act of Memory & Wejscie. Ralf Yusuf Gawlick. Imagined Memories. 2016. musica omnia

Sinfonietta Montreal. Concerto in D. Igor Stravinsky. Apollon Musagette Concerto in D. 1994. London Decca


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