Stick and Bow


Resonance: Music for Marimba & Cello
Krystina Marcoux, marimba; Juan Sebastian Delgado, cello
Leaf Music LM 231

This startlingly eclectic collection resonates with the players’ skill, the composers’ creativity, and the tonewoods chosen by the instrument builders. Though differing in color because of varnishes used, cello bodies are made of maple and spruce. The beautiful red-brown bars of the marimba are made of rosewood.

These resonances unite works by composers otherwise far apart in time and style: Bach and Radiohead, Boccherini and Nina Simone, Bartok and Paco de Lucia, Piazzola and Shostakovich. It works. These spirited performances sparkle.

Cellist Delgado and marimba player Marcoux met in Montreal; they both hold advanced degrees in performance. As Stick&Bow they tour across Canada, the US, South America, and Europe. I would be thrilled to catch them in concert.


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